About us

Golnar Scott Jewelry has been described as classic, timeless and feminine. I love creating jewelry that is versatile and simple that is easy to wear everyday and perfect for layering several pieces and lengths together. My designs in jewelry appeals to a variety of women who like to transition well and stay elegantly dressed from day to evening. I believe jewelry requires versatility. A necklace has to work casually with a pair of jeans, or with an evening cocktail dress. It needs to be adaptable as a one piece for travel or flexible enough to work with many outfits.

I love art of mixing colors, accessories, and textiles. I am influenced by the world around me, people I meet, music I hear and places I travel to. I am inspired by the beautiful designs and colors of Persian Rugs, Paintings, Art, Nature, Leaves, and Classic Designs. Every piece of jewelry I design and create has a history or some wonderful character about it. Each piece has a story about how I discovered the stone, whether it was a quaint little antique shop or music that I was inspired by. 

I hope you will find a piece that really speaks to you and that you will truly enjoy wearing it!

Golnar Jewelry is proudly made in the USA with genuine natural gemstones and precious metals.

“My designs are inspired by the beauties of the earth’s gifts and the lovely ladies who collect my work. I hope you will find a piece that speaks to you and wear it with good health and prosperity. My work is an extension of who I am. As an interior designer, I am influenced greatly by Consciousness, Energy, Symmetry, Nature, Creativity, Geometry, Colors, Textiles and Functionality.”